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Carl Wilhelm Borchardt

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22 Feb 1817

Berlin, Germany

27 June 1880

Rudersdorf (near Berlin), Germany

Carl Borchardt was tutored privately by Plücker and Steiner . He studied at Berlin from 1836 under Dirichlet then, in 1839, he went to Königsberg and studied under Bessel , Franz Neumann and Jacobi .

Borchardt's doctoral work, on non-linear differential equations , was supervised by Jacobi . The year 1846-47 Borchardt spent in Paris where he met Chasles , Hermite and Liouville .

Borchardt taught at Berlin from 1848 and succeeded Crelle as editor of Crelle 's Journal, a task he undertook from 1856 until 1880 despite not being in very good health.

He did important research on the arithmetic-geometric mean continuing work in this area by Gauss and Lagrange . He generalised results of Kummer on diagonalising symmetric matrices. In this work he used determinants and Sturm functions.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland