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Jean Claude Bouquet

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7 Sept 1819

Morteau, France

9 Sept 1885

Paris, France

Claude Bouquet was a school friend of Briot and he worked with him for much of his life. Bouquet entered the École Normale Supérieure in 1839, obtaining his doctorate in 1842 for a thesis on variation of double integrals.

He was appointed professor of mathematics at the Lycée in Marseilles, then he went to Lyon as professor of mathematics in the Faculty of Science. In Lyon he met up again with his school friend Briot and the two began a collaboration which lasted throughout their careers.

From 1852 until 1858 Bouquet taught at the Lycée Bonaparte (later renamed the Lycée Condorcet ). In 1858 he moved to the Lycée Louis-le-Grand, the school Galois had graduated from 30 years before. He taught there until 1867. In 1874 Bouquet was appointed professor of differential and integral calculus at the Sorbonne. He taught there until 1884, the year before his death.

Bouquet worked on differential geometry , writing on orthogonal surfaces. He wrote important memoirs on systems of lines of spaces. This work was carried forward by Bonnet , Darboux and Cayley . With Briot he worked from 1853 onwards on deep studies of Cauchy 's ideas of analysis and produced many fundamental papers on series expansions of functions and elliptic functions . In 1853 they established conditions for a function to be expandable into an entire series.

Bouquet and Briot developed Cauchy 's work on the existence of integrals of a differential equation . Together they wrote several important texts. Between 1859 and 1875 Bouquet worked on elliptic functions.

Jules Tannery , who was to write an obituary of Bouquet , was taught by him.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland