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Felice Casorati

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17 Dec 1835

Pavia, Italy

11 Sept 1890

Casteggio, Italy

Felice Casorati was a student at Pavia and later taught at Pavia and Milan. In 1858, together with Betti and Brioschi , he visited Göttingen, Berlin and Paris and this visit is often taken as the point where Italian mathematics joined the mainstream of European mathematics.

Casorati is best remembered for the Casorati- Weierstrass theorem which says that in any neighbourhood of an essential singularity of a function it comes arbitrarily close to any given value. Weierstrass proved this in a paper of 1876 but Casorati had already included it in his 1868 treatise on complex numbers.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland