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Pierre Simon Girard

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4 Nov 1765

Caen, France

30 Nov 1836

Paris, France

Pierre Girard was an engineer at the École des Ponts et Chaussés. There he was a close friend and collaborator of de Prony . In 1793 Girard was working on geometry problems along with de Prony and he wrote to him saying:

I would have sent you sooner ... the numerical application ... but I have been in Amiens since the beginning of the year ... I thank you for the solution you sent me to the geometry problem...

Girard had been in charge of planning and construction of the Amiens canal, which explains his reference to time spent in Amiens. After this de Prony and Girard decided to write a paper in which:

... one may learn to find the equation for some solid as one finds the equation for a curved plane.

Another project that Girard and de Prony collaborated on was the Dictionnaire des Ponts et Chaussés.

In 1798 Girard wrote an important work on the strength of materials.

In 1802 he was put in charge of the Ourcq canal project, one of many projects ordered by Napoleon to modernise Paris. While in charge of this project he was assigned a young assistant, namely Cauchy .

Pierre Girard wrote extensively on fluids; in particular on flow in capillary tubes.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland