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Hans Hahn

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27 Sept 1879

Vienna, Austria

24 July 1934

Vienna, Austria

Hans Hahn was a student at the Technische Hochschule in Vienna. There he formed a close friendship with three other students of mathematics, Paul Ehrenfest , Heinrich Tietze and Herglotz. They were known as the 'inseparable four'.

He also studied in Strasbourg, Munich and Göttingen. He was appointed to the teaching staff in Vienna in 1905 and he became professor of mathematics there in 1921. In session 1905-06 Hahn substituted for Otto Stolz at Innsbruck.

Hahn was a pioneer in set theory and functional analysis and is best remembered for the Hahn- Banach theorem. He also made important contributions to the calculus of variations , developing ideas of Weierstrass .

During the 1920s Hahn, together with Frank and von Mises , was a member of the Vienna Circle of Logical Positivists, a discussion group of gifted scientists and philosophers who met regularly in Vienna.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland