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Bernt Michael Holmboe

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23 March 1795

Vang, Norway

28 March 1850

Christiania (now Oslo), Norway

Bernt Holmboe was the son of a minister. He graduated from the Cathedral School of Christiania, then served for a short time in a military campaign against Sweden in 1814.

Holmboe was appointed assistant to the astronomer C Hansteen at Christiania in 1815. In 1818 he became a teacher at the Cathedral School of Christiania.

It was at this school that he was the mathematics teacher of Abel and he helped pay for Abel 's university education. In 1826 Holmboe accepted a position as lecturer at the University of Christiania, a move which some have criticised since this might have been a possible post for Abel . However Abel did not seem to feel this way as he remained firm friends with Holmboe.

From 1826 to 1850 Holmboe lectured at the military academy in Christiania. In 1834 he was appointed to the chair of pure mathematics at the University. During the years 1828-30 Holmboe lectured on astronomy since Hansteen went on a geomagnetic expedition to Siberia.

After Abel 's death Holmboe edited Abel 's complete works in 1839. Holmboe also wrote a textbook.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland