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Hermann Kober

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Beuthen, Upper Silesia (now Bytom, Poland)

4 Oct 1973

Birmingham, England

Hermann Kober studied at Breslau and Göttingen where he was one of Edmund Landau 's first students. His doctorate in 1911 was directed by Kneser and his thesis studied the calculus of variations .

He became a teacher at Breslau until 1934 when, as a Jew, he was forced out of his post. He then taught at the Jewish school in Breslau but spent much time at Cambridge doing research. Hardy helped him obtain a research grant at Birmingham University and he emigrated to England in 1939.

Kober was a highly productive mathematician working on special functions , functional analysis (in this area Kober's Theorem is named after him), approximation theory and the theory of functions of a real variable.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland