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Nikolai Mitrofanovich Krylov

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29 Nov 1879

St Petersburg, Russia

11 May 1955

Moscow, USSR

Nikolai Krylov graduated from the St Petersburg Institute of Mines in 1902. He was professor there from 1912 until 1917 when he went to the Crimea to become professor at the Crimea University. He held this post until 1922 when he was appointed chairman of the mathematical physics department of the Ukranian Academy of Sciences.

In 1939 Krylov became an honoured scientist of the Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic.

He worked mainly on interpolation and numerical solutions to differential equations , where he obtained very effective formulae for the errors.

He also applied his methods to non-linear oscillatory problems in 1932 and, in so doing, laid the foundations for non-linear mechanics.

Krylov published over 200 papers on analysis and mathematical physics.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland