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Evgenni Mikhailovich Lifshitz

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21 Feb 1915

Kharkov, Russia (now Ukraine)

29 Oct 1985

Moscow, USSR

Evgenii M Lifshitz wrote a curriculum vitae in 1976 which provides a better description of his life than might come from other sources. We quote this CV in full, particularly as Lifshitz wrote it very much in the style of the other entries in this History Archive:

I was born in 1915 in Kharkov. My father was a doctor and a professor at the Institute of Medicine. My mother is now a pensioner.

After finishing secondary school in 1929, I studied for two years at the chemical college, and went in 1931 to the physics and mechanics faculty of Kharkov Mechanics and Machine Building Institute where I graduated in 1933, having completed the examinations and had a diploma thesis accepted. In 1933 I began as a graduate student at the Ukrainian Physicotechnical Institute, under Lev Landau . I completed the course and took the PhD examination in 1934.

I worked at the Institute until 1938 as a senior research scientist. In 1939 my thesis for the DSc examination of Leningrad State University was accepted. Since 1939 I have worked entirely at the Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical Problems in Moscow.

As well as doing scientific work, I taught at various educational institutions: Kharkov University, Kharkov Mechanics and Machine Building Institute, Kharkov Chemical Technology Institute, Moscow University and the Pedagogical Institute.

For more than twenty years I have been the deputy chief editor of Zhurnal eksperimentAl-noi i teoreticheskoi fiziki.

In 1966 I was elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences . In 1954 I was awarded a State Prize, and in 1962 the Lenin Prize jointly with Lev Landau for our Course of Theoretical Physics. The Academy of Sciences awarded me the Lomonosov Prize in 1958 and The Lev Landau Prize in 1974.

Lifshitz is perhaps best remembered for his ten volume Course of Theoretical Physics written jointly with Lev Landau . They began work on this in the 1930s and the first parts of the book are based on lecture notes. Lifshitz continued to work on the book after Lev Landau 's death and it was not completed until 1979. The work includes many of the results of Lifshitz's research over many years including in particular the results of many research papers written jointly with Lev Landau .

The chapters of the book indicates the main topics of Lifshitz's research: Mechanics, theory of fields, quantum mechanics , quantum electrodynamics, classical statistical physics , quantum statistical physics, fluid mechanics, theory of elasticity, electrodynamics of continuous media, physical kinetics.

In the latter part of his research activities, particularly after the death of Lev Landau , he work on singularities in the cosmological solutions of the equations of general relativity.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland