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Leopold Löwenheim

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26 June 1878

Krefeld, Germany

5 May 1957

Berlin, Germany

Leopold Löwenheim's father was a mathematics teacher and he revised and edited his father's unfinished work on Democritus . Despite war service in France, Hungary and Serbia he published a series of important papers on mathematical logic during this time, extending work by Charles Peirce , Schröder and Whitehead .

Löwenheim is remembered for the Löwenheim- Skolem paradox (which Skolem pointed out is not a paradox!) which produces non-standard models, for example a denumerable model of the reals.

Forced to retire in 1934 (he was a quarter non-Aryan !) he lost his mathematical manuscripts, 1000 drawings and models and much more in the 1943 bombing of Berlin. Löwenheim survived and taught mathematics again after the War.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland