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Anatoly Samoilenko

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2 Jan 1938

Potiivka, Radomyshl, Zhytomyr oblast, Ukraine

Anatoly Samoilenko was born in western Ukraine. He graduated from Kiev University in 1960 and was appointed to the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine in Kiev. He also taught at the University of Kiev from 1967. In 1988 Samoilenko was appointed Director of the Institute of Mathematics in Kiev.

Samoilenko worked on both linear and nonlinear ordinary differential equations . In the 1960s he studied nonlinear ordinary differential equations with impulsive action. With contributions from M Perestiuk, Samoilenko put the application of asymptotic methods to solve discontinuous and impulsive systems on a rigorous foundation. This work continued over a long period and was written up in an important joint monograph in 1987.

Petryshyn writes in :

His most original contribution was the numeric-analytic method for the study of periodic solutions of differential equations with periodic right hand side. A monograph on the method of accelerated convergence, written jointly by Samoilenko, N Bogoliubov, and Yu Mytropolsky in 1969, gives an exhaustive analysis of the speed of convergence, error estimates, stability, and applications.

Samoilenko was to undertake several joint projects with Mytropolsky who was the Director of the Institute of Mathematics in Kiev where he worked. In addition to the work mentioned above they worked jointly on the theory of multifrequency oscillation, then later on a system of evolutionary equations with periodic and conditional periodic coefficients. This last work was done in collaboration with D Martyniuk and the three of them published a monograph on their results in 1984.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland