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Hermann Cäsar Hannibal Schubert

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22 May 1848

Potsdam, Germany

20 July 1911

Hamburg, Germany

Hermann Schubert worked on enumerative geometry, winning a prize in 1874 for solving a question posed by Zeuthen . Enumerative geometry considers those parts of algebraic geometry that involve a finite number of solutions.

Using methods of Chasles , with Schröder 's logical calculus as a model, he set up a system to solve such problems, he called it the principal of conservation of the number. Hilbert , in 1900, asked for a proof, which was given by Severi in 1912. Some remarkable counting results of Schubert were neglected for many years for their lack of rigour but recently many of them have been confirmed.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland