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Georgii Dmitrievic Suvorov

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19 May 1919

Saratov, Russia

12 Oct 1984

Donetske, Ukraine

Georgii Suvorov was born in Saratov, in western Russia on the Volga River. He studied at Tomsk University, the first Siberian university which had been founded in 1888, graduating in 1941. He taught at Tomsk University until 1965 when he was appointed to head a department in the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine in Donetske.

Suvorov made major contributions to the theory of functions. He worked, in particular, on the theory of topological and metric mappings on 2-dimensional space.

Another area which Suvorov worked on was the theory of conformal mappings and quasi-formal mappings. His results in this area, mostly from the late 1960s when he was at Donetske, are of particular significance. He extended Lavrentev 's results in this area, in particular Lavrentev 's stability and differentiability theorems, to more general classes of transformations.

On of the many innovations in Suvorov's work was new methods which he introduced to help in the understanding of metric properties of mappings with bounded Dirichlet integral.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland