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Paul Julius Oswald Teichmüller

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18 June 1913

Nordhausen im Harz, Germany

11 Sept 1943

Dnieper region, USSR

Oswald Teichmüller studied at Göttingen under Hasse , writing a thesis on linear operators on Hilbert spaces , then in Berlin under Bieberbach . A member of the Nazi party, he played a major role in getting the students at Göttingen to dismiss Edmund Landau .

Teichmüller's main contribution is in the area of geometric function theory. He wrote 34 papers in the space of about 6 years, 21 being published in Deutsche Mathematik, the journal for German style mathematics founded by Bieberbach . He introduced quasi- conformal mappings and differential geometric methods into complex analysis.

Teichmüller joined the army in 1939, fighting at first in Norway but he was last heard of on the date given above for his death, involved in heavy fighting along the Dnieper.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland